Dark Wisdom # 1 Dark Wisdom # 1

by various authors
64 pages
Full colour cover

Table of Contents:

  • Reflections from Leng
    News from Chaosium, as well as previews of upcoming releases, by Dustin Wright.
  • Dark Library
    A collection of ancient tomes, newly unearthed. Featuring articles by Jean Robbins and David T. McCown.
  • Strange Beings
    New creatures and characters to haunt your Call of Cthulhu campaign. Featuring articles by Jerzy Cichocki.
  • Relics
    Strange devices with unknown powers. Featuring articles by David Conyers, William Jones, and Kevin Music.
  • Bad Sleep
    Unexpected things, and people, prowl late at night in this “unanticipated encounter” for Call of Cthulhu by William Jones.
  • A Federal Case: An Examination of the FBI
    Part one of a multi-author series on the history of the FBI. The first in the series, by Christopher Streffin, focuses on the FBI from its creation until 1924.
  • Only After Dark
    A Greenwich Village publisher learns that he’s dealing with more than words. This scenario by William Jones takes place in Greenwich Village in the 1920s and also is a mini-guidebook to New York City's Greenwich Village in the 1920s.
  • Program of the Elder Gods
    Part one of a two-part fiction (continued in the second issue of Book of Dark Wisdom) by Steven L. Shrewsbury.
  • Ghost Mail
    Upgrade your virus-checker…after this “unanticipated encounter” by David Conyers, you’ll never see your computer in the same light.
    Also featuring:
    Full-color cover illustration by John Coulthart
    Interior artwork by Allen Koszowski, Bryan Reagan, and Cathy Buburuz
    Poetry by Lee Clarke Zumpe
    Illustrations by Mike Middleton