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  Tomes 2

The third in the P&BR Companion series, the 'Legacy of Pavis' contains the last of the original campaign material on which the series was based, plus much more. The Cult of Pavis is at last revealed in all its glorious complexity, and the Flintnail dwarves stand up to be counted.

Come with us as we explore the bizarre ruins of Old Pavis as the Hero Wars begin to unfold their epic events around us. Lead your Heroes into danger and glory as the Old City begins to rise again.

Table of content so far:

  • The Flintnail Dwarves - Culture and worship practices
  • RCAE Hero Gang
  • Brothers of Estangtang
  • The Rowdy Boys
  • The Pavis Beggars' Guild
  • Lhankor's Heroes
  • Desert Trackers
  • The Ancient Measure: (Secret Society)
  • The Noble Families of Manside
  • Mani's Clan
  • The Grey Company Rides Again - scenario introduction
  • Dragonewts Dreaming (scenario outline)
  • The Legacy of Ghost Fort (scenario)
  • New Pavis Knowledge Temple
  • Kakstan's Art Museum
  • Art Museum Scenario
  • Lunar Secret Agents in Pavis
  • Pavis Cartoon from the Comic artist of "Path of the Damned"