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  Tomes 3

The Content of Shadow of Pavis is (beside a fantastic layout from Roderick Robertson and excellent illustration form Dario, Addy, Juha, Claire, Eric, Mark and Claire):

  • The Pavis Donandari
  • The old Pavis Magicians
  • The Tunnels of new Pavis
  • The Mask of Eurmal
  • The fifth Element
  • Trolls of the Rubble
  • Opili's Fort and Temple Hill
  • The Kaggaroka Contests
  • Chaos in Old Pavis
  • The Donandar Temple
  • Hero Cult of Bisjoe Chaos Foe
  • Pastures New
  • Meet the Parents (Griselda Story)
  • A Pavis Cartoon from Gulliermo and Mariano

140 Pages of Gloranthan Gold

All this stuff was mostly written, rewritten and colletected and edited by our from the Indipendent Glorantha publisher honoured author - IAN THOMSON. He has surpassed himself with this booklet and I can pomise you, you will like his stuff.