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Pavis & Big Rubble Companion: Vol. 5: Beyond Pavis: Adventures along the Zola Fel

  • Pavis County Large article with Gazeteer, Culture, Keywords - by Jeff Richard, Dave Bell, Ian Thomson, John Hughes, and Roderick Robertson
  • Indagos Town by Sergio Mascarenhas and Ian Thomson
  • The Lightbringer Merchants of Pavis County by Ian Thomson
  • Pavis County Hero Bands by Mike Dawson, Bo Rosen, and Ian Thomson
  • Uleria in Pavis and Pavis County by Ian Thomson and Julian Lord
  • Holiday Glorantha: Horn Gate by Vincent Jurgie and Ian Thomson
  • Life on the Borderlands Large piece with Hero Wars conversion notes and new scenario material for the Borderlands pack
  • Raus Town by Ian Thomson and Paul Sommer
  • Morocanth of the Zola Fel by James Holden and Daniel Fahey
  • Newtlings of the Zola Fel by Ian Thomson
  • Elves of the Garden (background and scenario ideas) by Ian Thomson with Bo Rosen