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  Ye Booke of Tentacles #3

Ybot issue 3

The bulk of this third volume is devoted to the Pavis and Big Rubble Companion - a series of articles based in the classic Gloranthan Setting. Although this forms the core of the book, there was plenty of other material. Non-Pavis articles and stories are :

  • The Fall and Rise of Heroes of the King - Stephen Martin tries to explain what happened to the planned short story collection, five of the stories from which are included in this volume :
    • The Red Folk Leave - David Dunham
    • The Wind Blows Also Softly - Edward Bolme
    • Beorgan's Ring - Roderick Robertson
    • The Return of Hargart the Liberator - Harald Smith
    • A Boy and his Alynx - Eric Rowe and Stephen Martin
  • Fires of Mist and Wind-Blown Snow - An excerpt from John Hughes' Orlanthi novel.
  • Ernalda Initiation - Jane Williams on a woman's initiation into the six Earth Goddesses.
  • The Cult of Eusibus - Hero Wars write up for the Alkothi war god who guards the rightful Emperor. By Martin Laurie and Greg Stafford.
  • "We Hate Darjini Usurpers" - The ritual used by Alkothi to enhance their powers when they go to fight the Darjini. By Martin Laurie.
  • Innsmouth 2000 - Andre Clements details how the town and its Deep One inhabitants has changed over the last eighty years.
  • The Creators of Life - The Old Ones, studied by Shannon Appel.
  • Kingdoms of the Middle Sea - A Hawkmoon adventure catalyst set around the coast of northern Afrika. By Danny Bourne.
  • Meliadus - My Part in his Downfall - Lawrence Whitaker reveals more of Ranyart Finn's adventures, this time in Granbretan.

The Pavis and Big Rubble Companion: Vol. 1
(Pavis: A Man for all Seasons)

This material sprang from a single article: The Real City, which rapidly evolved into a campaign. Never content to rely on second hand or vague accounts of background detail, Ian Thomson began questing for the truth behind Pavis as the campaign rolled on, and by luck or fate in early 2000AD found Greg Stafford most amenable to discussion. A lengthy E-mail conversation ensued, resulting in a mutually acceptable legacy of Pavic 'truth' being forged.

None of this is entirely official, as Ian has elaborated and extended the material (with Greg's permission), and Greg may of course rethink various parts before it finally hits the presses through Issaries Inc. Also, whilst Ian is the driving force behind the Companion, he sensibly consults a variety of other Gloranthan notables on any and all contentious points, and believes his work is all the better for this extra effort. He is quick to point out that several of his favorite ideas have been willingly sacrificed upon the altar of someone else's superior 'truth', and that the assistance of many willing helpers and contributors has strengthened each piece. There have also been several important instances where Gloranthan experts have given advice of diametrical opposition, and someone somewhere had to make the final decision. You can't please all of the people all of the time (even if you are Pavis).

Volume 1 contains the following articles:

  • The Cult of Pavis - a large companion piece to previously published information, filling in many gaps and elaborating on the reality of this remarkable man and his legacy.
  • The Cult of Opili for RuneQuest - a generic warrior subcult for Pavis: general concept approved by Greg and rewritten for Multisim's 'Hero Wars: Pavis'.
  • Holiday Glorantha: The Real City - a tribute piece to Tales of the Reaching Moon's series, providing a detailed outline of this settlement, making it available as a base for adventurers.
  • Zebra Fort - detailed outline of the people and politics at this Rubble location.
  • The Dwarves of Pavis - at last an elaborate article explaining the origins and motivations of these unique individualist mostali.
  • The New Flintnail Temple - another detailed description of a formerly unpublished Rubble location.
  • The Rubble Trackers - a small, mistakenly included, work-in-progress article that has now been completed and updated, and published in Vol. 2.
  • Mani's Fort - several surprising revelations were 'discovered' by Greg and Ian during their discussion about Mani's Clan - a detailed outline of their habits and origins.
  • The Flintnail Tunnels - a quick overview of the Pavis subway system.
  • A Rough Visit to Glamour - a major set of scenario notes for sending your Pavic adventurers all the way to Glamour with hopes-to-be-Governor Raus as he petitions the Red Emperor for the position left vacant by Sor-Eel: this is a companion piece to the 'Rough Guide to Glamour'.

Supplementary articles for YBoT3

Since this publication is sold out, we provide for your convenience the following articles from the magazine:

A 16 page article combining three pieces from the first P&BR Companion: Extended information on the Cults of Pavis and Flintnail, and notes on the habits of the Pavic Dwarves. Slightly updated from the originals. PDF file 151K ZIP file 140K 09.07.01

Holiday Glorantha: The Real City of Old Pavis - home of the Grey Company PDF file 338K ZIP file 229K 04.07.01
Seperate version of the map GIF file 42K ZIP file 42K 17.07.01

Zebra Fort in the Big Rubble PDF file 286K ZIP file 273K 04.07.01

Mani's Fort in the Big Rubble PDF file 147K ZIP file 139K 04.07.01

The New Flintnail Temple in the Big Rubble PDF file 304K ZIP file 291K 04.07.01