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  The Masks of Pavis

Masks of Pavis

Adventuring in the Classic setting of Pavis a Tentacles Press Tome, Fundraiser for "Tentacles 2001" at Whitsun

This 136 pages book contains Adventures in the Old City - a campaign set in the Rubble with cultural, magical and professional keywords for Hero Wars as well as stats for RQ3. It contains locations and personalities in the Rubble with a few more ancient Pavic secrets revealed!

Many of the enclosed Hero Wars cults and keywords are developed with Issaries, Inc.

This Tome forms the Pavis & Big Rubble Companion II, and contains the following articles and scenarios :

  • The Big Rubble Map and Index - A re-drawn map of the Rubble, with a gazeeter of places to be found therein.
  • Pavic Keywords - Cultural, occupational and magic keywords for the major cultures of Pavis. Includes the Old City, Zebra Folk, Urban Orlanthi, Sun Worshippers, Yelornans, Riverfolk, and Aldrayami. See also the expansion material for Yelmalio below.
  • The Pavic Underworld - Details on Pavis thief gangs.
  • The Grey Company - A six part scenario that draws the characters into the tangled web that is the secrets and treasures of Old Pavis. (Contains detailed HW rules for vampires, their magic, and their gifts of undeath.)
  • The Seven Masks of Pavis - Martin Crim's article from Codex 1 updated and expanded for Hero Wars.
  • The Rubble Trackers - A Dwarven hero band from the Rubble.
  • The Real Inn - Visit the oldest pub in Pavis.
  • Red Moon Over Pavis - The Lunar occupying forces - who they are, what they do, and what they think about it.

Supplementary articles for Masks of Pavis


The errata fo this publication. PDF file 28K 01.11.01

Bonus Article

Narrator's Adaptaton Notes for running the Cradle scenario under the Hero Wars rules. An entire article for the 'Masks of Pavis' that had to be left out due to lack of space. PDF file 289K ZIP file 190K 13.06.01

Additional Material for articles in the magazine

Further information can also be found in the articles available from the YBoT #3 page.

Map for the Magician's Hill scenario (with thanks to John Hughes for his time and effort spent producing it) JPG file 238K PDF file 1262K ZIP file 1025K 25.06.01

New version - Yelmalio's gifts and geases PDF file 85K ZIP file 89K 25.06.01

Yelmalian Hero Cults PDF file 47K ZIP file 25K 17.06.01

Ian Thomson hosts a Pavis and Big Rubble Companion Home Page on his site.